“In the time before, our ancestors lived in the forbidden places in great towers of steel and glass. They built machines to make their lives easier, and their feet never touched the ground. However, their contraptions and glass towers made the men and women of The Time Before arrogant and blind to the things borne of darkness that hid among them and poisoned their hearts. The creatures of the dark led them astray, and our ancestors unknowingly built steel tombs and concrete monoliths in their honor. Worst of all, they worshiped the false gods of the Book and forgot the gods who slept beneath the earth.

Then came the Day of Awakening when the Gods of the Earth rose from their slumber and grew angry that humanity had forgotten their names and had allowed the darkness into their homes and into their hearts. They flung the dark things to the far corners of the earth and rained down fire and blood upon humanity for its foolishness. However, the Gods of the Earth soon grew jealous of each-other and quarreled among themselves over who would rule mankind. They fought a war that cracked open the sky, broke apart mountains, boiled the seas, and sank many lands. After the Desolation, the disquiet of the gods subsided and they returned to their homes beneath earth and sea where they sleep once more. However, they left behind monsters to haunt the wastes and tear apart the bodies and minds of mortals.

All is not hopeless, however, for they left their marks upon We Who Still Live, granting some of us a fraction of their power to hold back the darkness. Those marked by the gods hold the power to protect their people. Others, the Untouchables, can handle the tools of the Time Before without inviting the curses of the dark things. However, as humanity is always wont to be, some use these gifts to rule over their brothers and sisters as it was in the time of the Book. The World After is a harsh age, a spear-age, and an age of spirits. It is a time of heroes."

The Earth Exhales

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